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Ballygrennan Farm
A Family-Owned Farm in Northern California

Ballygrennan Farm will be a private membership educational space inspired by biodynamic and regenerative farming practices, the principles of Waldorf Education, and the universal quest for self-awareness.  

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"The demonstration farm site will showcase different regenerative practices and techniques. The permaculture demonstration portion of the site is a joint project between Sustainable Solano and Pleasant Valley School, which offers outdoor education experiences and Waldorf-inspired instruction. The farm also has plans for a biodynamic garden. This is a new scale of project for Sustainable Solano, which has not worked on a farm property before, SuSol Executive Director Elena Karoulina said. The hope is to plant the seeds through the foundation of the permaculture site so that the school community can continue to grow it in scope and vision over the years."

Sustainable Solano



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